Tecno-pool-R LLC
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Due to its versatility, our equipment can be combined with existing production lines. In addition, we have conveyor lines with unconventional modifications.
Technopool-R LLC launched operations in Russia in 2004 and today is recognized as one of the leaders on the domestic market for the production, design, supply, and installation of systems to transport, freeze, ferment, and fluidize food products.
We offer the Russian market high-quality equipment that we produce in-house.

For more than ten years, Technopool-R has been using unconventional technological processes for food production, constantly developing, and producing reliable, efficient, and advanced installations with innovative solutions and broad opportunities thanks to our vast experience and developments.
The company's website www tecnopool-r.ru offers comprehensive information about the range of equipment and consumables offered by Technopool-R, as well as a list of our capabilities for the services we provide.

You can ask our specialists a question and get detailed advice about ordering and terms by phone:
+7 (495) 223 44 02
+7 (926) 352 95 37

All products manufactured by Technopool R must undergo technical control for its compliance with approved technical conditions as well as current European standards and regulations.
Our clients include leading bakery and meat processing enterprises in Russia and around the world. A steadily growing number of regular customers recognize our products. Customers are attracted by Technopool-R’s reputation, a regular assortment, quality service, and long-term relationships. We try to find the optimal solution for each client, while observing and taking into account modern requirements for the automation of production processes.