At present, the company has research laboratories and a production site in the Novosibirsk Region city of Berdsk, and actively cooperates with research organizations and agricultural enterprises. To create drugs, we use our own collection of microorganisms, which includes more than 100 strains of fungi, bacteria, and viruses.
Our company’s products are known under the Mikorad trademark, which has been registered not only in Russia, but also in CIS countries, the EU, Serbia, and China.

We have experience in supplying products to Armenia, Bulgaria, Vietnam, Kazakhstan, Serbia, Turkey, and Uzbekistan. In Armenia and Serbia, the drugs have undergone production tests and have shown their high efficiency.
67 Lenina St., Berdsk, Novosibirsk Region, Russia, 633010

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Mycorads are a series of innovative biological products that aim to suppress pests and plant diseases, normalize the phytosanitary situation in agrocenoses, stimulate plant growth and development, and increase yields. It has been proven that the use of microbes can significantly reduce the use of chemical plant protection products and produce environmentally friendly products.
Our company offers almost a full range of modern biological products:
Mycorads are available in liquid, powdered, and granular form, are easily dosed and used in the field.
against pests based on Beauveria, Lecanicillium, Metarhizium, Paecilomyces, as well as entomopathogenic viruses
against diseases based on Bacillus, Pseudomonas, and Trichoderma
against nematodes based on Arthrobotrys and Pupureocillium
to improve soil fertility based on Azotobacter
Recently, our company has been actively developing adjuvants based on plant extracts designed to improve the effectiveness of tank mixtures of plant protection products: herbicides, fungicides and insecticides. Laboratory and field tests of the adjuvant have been completed on Florabis based on triterpene acids from the woody greens of Siberian fir. This biopreparation has an independent insecticidal, fungicidal, and growth-stimulating effect.
The company is considering proposals both for the supply of products and for the localization of production with the supply of raw materials and components for their production.
Our company’s history began with a simple interest and a small biological laboratory, where we conducted the first work to create enteropathogenic fungi-based biological insecticides against soil-dwelling plant pests. It took our team eight years to move from laboratory development to field testing and full-scale production.
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